Christmas/New Year Training 2015/2016

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The last training session for the DEVELOPMENT SQUAD, JUNIOR SQUAD,PRE_SQUAD, and WATER POLO will be on Thursday December 17th and will resume on Thursday 7th January

MASTERS  There will be no training on December 26th or January 2nd  


Please ask your Coach (Mark) if unsure if it involves you. 

There will be training for all members of these squads on the following dates/times.

Friday  18th December 7.00-8.30 pm (L/T as normal 6.00pm)

Sund    20th       ”          6.00 -8.00 pm

Mond   21st        ”         5.30- 7.00 pm

Wed    23rd        ”         6.00- 8.00 pm

Tues  29th           ”     10.00-12.00 am

Wed  30th           “      10.00-12.00 am

Thurs    31st        ”      10.00-12.00 am

Sun       3rd January    6.00- 8.00  pm                 

Mond    4th       “           5.30- 7.00  pm

Wed     6th       “            6.00-8.00  pm

 Your December payment will tke you up to and including Wednesday 23rd which means that there will be 6 extra sessions to pay for  = £20.00  Please pay for these sessions with your December payment on 3rd December.

 Many Thanks




WELL DONE to the Under 15 Water Polo Team at National Age Group in Manchester click here for report

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On Saturday 17th October Barnstaple under 15 Water Polo Team travelled to Manchester’s Aquatic Centre for the under 15 National Age Group Inter-club competition. Their Six Players were combined with three from Exeter, two from Penzance and one from West Dorset.

In Barnstaple’s opening match against Watford they struggled to stop Petar Djorjic (who finished as second highest scorer in the tournament) going four goals behind before scoring their own first goal. Barnstaple got progressively stronger as the game went on but just ran out of time losing 5-7. Next up were Cheltenham who had beaten Watford 5-4 in their opening game but Barnstaple’s rapidly improving team beat them 7-6. Unfortunately this left Barnstaple narrowly bottom of their group on goal difference and thus in the playoff group for 9th to 12th place.

In their next games they beat city of Manchester B team 12-8 then Grantham 13-0. In their final game against Ealing they were trailing 4-5 when captain and top scorer Bob Whittaker was excluded from the rest of the match and as Barnstaple chased the game they kept being caught on the counter attack by Ealing’s Yalin Gulen and Samuel Nabli (the tournament’s first and third highest goal scorers) finally losing 4-14.

Bob Whittaker was joint fifth highest scorer for the tournament with 13 goals.

In the final Bridgefield (A composite team of clubs from Liverpool, Lancaster and Newcastle) beat Caledonian ( A composite team from all of Scotland) 2-1 with City of Sheffield getting the bronze medal by defeating City of Manchester A team 5-4

The team are pictured below.

From the left Theo Quantick (Exeter Goalkeeper) Jacob West (2 goals), Freddie Herring (Exeter 6 goals), Bob Whittaker, Miles Miller (4 goals), Ollie Bushnell, Cam Sydenham (Exeter 4 goals) Tyler Kearey (Penzance), Jacob Butterworth, Jacob West (2 goals) Alex Felton (West Dorset 5 goals), Fletcher Stevenson (Penzance 6 goals) and Jacob Allchorn (Goal Keeper). Coaches pictured Phil Sydenham and Simon Quantick.


Club wishes David Miller Huge Good Luck – see latest news

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The Club would like to say a Huge Good Luck to David Miller.  David has been given a fantastic opportunity and has been accepted at Plymouth College on a swim programme training under John Rudd.  David has shown huge potential with his breastroke and entered and competed at the nationals in August.  We would like to wish him all the very best and look forward to seeing him during college holidays.


Captain Katie Holland reports on successful Swim camp in Fuerta Fentura

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Two thirty in the morning a coach full of excited swimmers and coaches set off to Fuerteventura ready for a week that went a little like ‘eat,sleep,train repeat’  After months of excitement the day had finally come and all the swimmers were buzzing,even without any sleep.  We safely arrived at the airport without any incident occurring… well other then the fact we nearly missed our plane and Mark was running round the airport trying to find everyone, I’ve never seen him looking so worried. But we all managed to get on the plane safely.

Getting off the plane was such a relief, however it was cloudy and cold to which many of our swimmers made it quite clear they weren’t happy!!  It looked like we had brought the weather with us from England.  But within an hour we arrived at our accommodation and the SUN WAS OUT! There were no clouds the sun was shining & everyone just wanted to hit the sun beds. As soon as we dumped our stuff we all got changed into our bikinis/speedos and hit the pool. It was so nice to see so many happy faces and the whole club coming together as a team. We were all still surviving with 0 hours sleep and yet were still buzzing to be together as a team on holiday.

Lunch time… finally! We were all starving many of us hadn’t eaten for a few hours and if you know swimmers well enough we NEVER EVER stop eating.  As soon as the food hall opened we all ran in grabbing as much food as we could. Everyone’s plates were piled to the top. I think many of the adults were surprised at how much we consumed.  However they hadn’t seen anything yet!  It was dessert time and of course ice cream was the most popular. The boys had around 10 pots with sprinkles and sauce while Emily had around five cakes and ice cream she certainly showed what swimmers are really made of.  The rest of the day we chilled by the pool, found our rooms and all had an early night ready for the next day’s hard day training. Towards the end of the day we also all saw the people who weren’t very good at putting sun cream on. ‘Lobsters’ comes to mind.  A lot of after sun was applied that night.

The first day of training had started. Everyone was in the pool by nine o clock after breakfast at eight. The pool was incredible, nobody could actually believe we were there swimming in the sun.  The hardest thing to master on the first few days was having no black lines or lines to follow on the roof, many swimmers were swimming in the middle of the lane or under the lane ropes which Mark found highly amusing.  Land training was taken by Keith and we spilt into groups according to age, the older ones went in to the extremely hot sweaty gym where Keith BEASTED us with some weight training and the younger ones went with Mark to do some circuits outside. To say I was aching the next day was an understatement.  After five hours training we finally manage to have a lounge by the pool or in our rooms.

Day two, the fatigue had already kicked in. The focus of the day was ‘vanish those lazy thoughts’  although we were all extremely tired Mark kept us all motivated and smiling and everyone managed to ‘dig deep’ ( as coach would say) and completed the set to a very high standard.  The team were so good at encouraging each other to really push themselves each day and made the most of the 50m training.  The land training we did was outside which we were all so happy about. Outside training meant a better tan/burn to come home with!  The land training session was hard but enjoyable at the same time, the feeling you get after completing both land training and swimming is amazing.  The final session in the pool was just as tough as the first one however we all remained focused which allowed us to get through the session. It  was only day two and everyone was getting tan lines but in places we weren’t so happy about… goggle marks and hat lines were appearing on our faces which did look quite funny.

Training at seven in the morning was my favourite session; it was still dark when we jumped in the pool which made it far more exciting.  Mark reminded everyone to put their ‘moon cream’ on which only the older swimmers seemed to find funny!  It was another intense training day for the squad however the sun made it a lot easier and we all still managed to fit in some tanning time.  Not only did the sun make it easier the thought of a rest day the following day was what was keeping the swimmers going. The day ended with everyone scoffing their faces full of ice cream and cake and playing card games with each other. It was nice as the captain to see the whole squad coming together.

FINALLY IT WAS REST DAY! Today was the day we all refused to even put a swimming costume on just in case Mark made us swim. We all had a nice lie in and we all still managed to make it to breakfast on time. As a group we all decided to go shopping round the town… well the girls outnumbered the boys so shopping it was. It was a beautiful day the sun was shining everyone had smiles on their faces mainly because there was no swimming or land training! In the afternoon we were all too tired so decided to chill by the pool. After tea we played BINGO! I’ve never seen so many people get excited about bingo, mainly the adults. As swimmers we all wanted to win mainly because the prizes were food. The evening was full of so many laughs and jokes made about one another. Keith Gammon and Andy Martin definitely got the award for most competitive players, both full grown men trying to put other children off by shouting out numbers. The highlight of the night was when Keith got bingo but he forgot to shout it out. Must have been all the excitement of winning!!  As you can imagine the whole club was in hysterics.

Hearing that alarm go off again only meant one thing, SWIM TIME. We were back on it day number 5. Back to the brutal sessions in the pool and Keith’s killer land training sessions, the sun was shining and coach made sure we all still remained positive. In the evening we played another game of BINGO and relaxed while watching the sun go down.

The final two sessions of swimming had come. I’ve never seen swimmers not want to get out the pool in the last session.  We had been swimming in luxury for the past week and the thought of everyone going back to training in the leisure centre was making everyone feel depressed. The final swim session consisted of 100m races on all four strokes racing against your peers. It was great to see so much encouragement and support from all the swimmers while everyone was racing.  It was the final evening of the trip so we all got together as a club and the coaches gave everyone an award/name of what they had been like for the week.

The day everyone had been dreading… home time and typically it was the hottest day of the week, as you can imagine nobody was looking very cheerful on the coach to the airport. It was time to say goodbye to Fuerteventura. We all boarded the aircraft safely.  We were sat on the plane for a good 10 minutes before the pilot announced there would be a slight delay. By a slight delay he meant a whole two and a half hour delay due to the strikes with air traffic control over France.  After two and a half hours delay we finally landed in ‘sunny’  Bristol.  The swim camp was full of incredible memories we will all never forget. Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible! BRING ON NEXT YEAR!

Barnstaple swimming club Fuerta Fentura April 2015

Barnstaple swimming club Fuerta Fentura April 2015