Open Meet Entry Process

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Meet Information

  • Meet information will be sent out through emails from Jess Hutchens – competition secretary.  Make sure your email address is kept up-to-date with Jess and the club.
  • within this email there will be details on when the meet is, meet pack, warm up times, events, qualifying times and closing date.  The closing date is very important as we need to process the entries before sending them off to the organiser.

How/What to Enter

  • You will need to print off the entry for attached to the email and meet pack.
  • Once the swimmer has chosen the events they would like to enter, input any PB times you have for each event ensuring the qualifying times are met.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to enter a variety of events including different strokes and distances.
  • If you are unsure of your/your swimmers personal times, we have a note of all the best times but its a ‘nice to know’ to keep a log of your PB’s.

On the Day

  • It is important to know what time the warm up begins and aim to arrive half an hour before this tie to get changed and find your way to poolside and the rest of the team.  There is usually limited space for swimmers so the earlier you arrive the better for somewhere to sit.
  • Swimmers will sit with the team and the coach and team managers.  If swimmers would want to see parents they must make their coaches aware and ensure they know when their next event is.  Parents/spectators are not normally permitted poolside with the swimmers.  It can normally be a long day so be prepared with regard to parking and availability of catering facilities.

What to Bring

  • Two swimming costumes, maybe a warm up suit
  • Goggles and a spare pair
  • Two towels – one to keep warm poolside and dry off and the other for after the meet
  • Compulsory Club Kit – consisting of Club T-shirt and swimming hat
  • Food to last the whole day or sessions you are attending
  • At least two bottles of water/squash for rehydration – pools are very warm 🙂 NO FIZZY  DRINKS
  • Snack foods high in carbohydrates, sweets are not approved of during the meet
  • Music – ipod etc
  • Book or games console
  • Your Swim Face 🙂


  • There are usually programmes on sale at the entry desk – nice to have to see when your child is swimming and in what heat
  • Bring plenty of food for yourself and enough drinks – its hard work spectating 🙂
  • Pen – excellent tool to make a note of your swimmers time/achievement or others


Results will usually be posted in a central position for the parents as well as the swimmers to see.  Medals are usually given out once the events results are published.