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800 and 1500 club champs 2014

sunday 30th november 2014 club champs results

saturday 29th november club champs results

club champs resuls sunday 16th november 2014

club champs results saturday15th november 2014

national arena league results nov 2014 round 2

national arena league results oct 2014 round 1

barnstaple sprint meet 27th sep 2014

exeter sprint meet sep 2014

Barnstaple Swimming Club – Royal Navy Open Masters Meet at Millfield 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 6 Bronze.

Four swimmers entered this gala and came away with twelve medals.  Cara Deasy in the 25/29yrs age group won Gold in the 100m Backstroke with a Meet Record and personal best time of 1.09.75 and Gold in the 100m Freestyle, also winning Bronze in the 50m Backstroke,100m Breaststroke and 100m Individual Medley.
Ann Humphris bagged the other two Gold with wins in the 75/79yrs 400m and 200m Freestyle.  Other medalists were Michael Selter with Silver,100m Breast,Bronze in the 400m Freestyle and 50m Breaststroke competing in the 50/54 years group and Claire Richardson won the other Bronze in the 35/39yrs 50m Backstroke.
Personal Best Times – Michael Selter  – 6, Cara Deasy – 4, Claire Richardson – 2.
British Gas Masters at Swansea, 50m Long Course.  Ann Humphris recorded four long course age group personal best times and attained four South West Masters records in her events at this meet with a medal tally of one gold in the 800m freestyle and three silver in the 1500m, 400m and 200m freestyle. 
Also,she learned that she had broken two South West Masters short course records in the same age group at the Royal Navy Masters Open Meet previously last March, in which she won gold in both the 200m and 400m freestyle.  
Finalists – Ann Humphris – Gold – 75/79 years 800m Free – 20.13.60 Age Group Personal Best Time & South West Masters Record – 20.13.60,Silver – 1500m Free – 39.10.20, all Personal Best Times and South West Masters Records. 8th Place -Claire R Richardson – 35/39 years 100m Backstroke – 1.41.76 – Personal Best Time.
Barnstaple Swimming Club V City of Coventry S.C.  This was an annual gala between these clubs for the 12 years/under age groups, resulting in a win for Coventry.  Barnstaple were unable to swim it’s strongest team due to holiday time, but the youngsters competing, many for the first time, produced 11 wins and 25 personal best times from the 26 individual events.

Barnstaple S.C. versus City of Coventry S.C, 12yrs/Under at N.D.L.C, July 29th 2014

Barnstaple S.C 89points, City of Coventry S.C. 106points

Winners – all personal best times – George Clarke – 11yrs/U 50 Breast- 43.14,50m Free – 34.97, Lydia Surridge – 12yrs/U 50m Free- 35.99, Holly Nevill – 12yrs/U 50m Back – 42.70,  Daniel Trapnell – 11yrs/U 50m Fly – 58.22, Lily Wilson – 10yrs/U 50 Back- 45.47, Zac Adams – 10yrs/U 50m Back – 41.53, Tommy Rogers – 10yrs/U 50m Breast – 52.20, Jack Whittaker – 10yrs/U 25m Fly – 19.18, Jessica Nevill – 10yrs/U 50m Free- 41.64, 11yrs/Under 4x50m Free Relay – Zac Adams, George Clarke, Tyler Weatherley, David Trapnell.

Other Personal Best Times –  Lydia Surridge – 50m Fly – 40.10, Ind.Medley – 1.27.21, Isobel Howgate – 50m Breast – 55.28, 50m Free – 38.53, Holly Nevill – 50m Fly – 48.05,  Tyler Weatherley – 50m Free – 34.81, 50m Breast – 43.89,  Daniel Trapnell – 50m Back- 46.89, Zac Adams – 50m Fly- 40.70, Luana Parker – 50m Back- 49.39, Laine Weatherley – 50m Breast – 59.08, Mia Roome-Goodwin – 50m Breast – 59.66, Lottie Chesworth – 25m Fly – 20.48, Rory Wilson – 50m Back- 53.27, Nathan Mitchell – 100m Ind.Medley – 1.23.98.

Other Squad Members – Amelia Baines, Persephone Allaway, Ben Mitchell.

south west age group june 2014

development gala june 2014

cobexe open meet may 2014

SW Youth Results May 2014

Three mini league galas have been completed. Please see below for dates and final points. Well done to Torrington swimming club.

11th Jan at Torrington – 1. Torr  2 Tiv.  3.B’ple
8th Feb at Barnstaple – joint 1st B’ple & Torr  3.Tiv.
11th May at Tiverton – 1.Tiv.  2.Torr   3.B’ple
1st Torridgeside 
Gala 1. 4pts
Gala 2. 4pts
Gala 3. 3pts   
Total     11pts
2nd Tiverton
Gala 1. 3pts
Gala 2. 2pts
Gala 3. 4pts
Total    9pts
3rd Barnstaple
Gala 1. 2pts
Gala 2. 4pts
Gala 3  2pts
Total    8pts
4th Ilfracombe
 Gala 1. 0 pts
Gala 2. 1 pt

Gala 3. 1 pt

Total     2 pts


Barnstaple are third fastest club in Devon.

Our swimmers produced fantastic swims at the recent inter-club gala meaning that Barnstaple are the fastest town in Devon behind cities of Exeter and Plymouth. Well done to everyone. Headcoach Mark is very pleased.

Inter-club bronze certificate April 2014

Sprint gala results April 2014

Devon champs 2014

800 and 1500 devon county results 2014