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Barnstaple Swimming Club Code of Conduct for Swimmers

Swimmers are to attend all training sessions allocated to them at the specified time and venue and are to comply with the instructions given by a member of the coaching or teaching team as appropriate and:

  1. Poolside safety regulations are to be observed at all times.

  2. Club members are reminded that as members of the ASA they are subject to the competition and judicial laws of the ASA.

  3. Swimmers are not to engage in any actions or behaviour that could endanger the safety of themselves, other swimmers/club members, or cause such actions that affects the training schedule of other swimmers.

  4. Any such actions or behaviour observed by, or reported to the coaching staff while under their control or within the confines of the club are to be investigated and actioned by the coaching staff.

  5. Regulations applicable to the confines of the club will also apply whilst under the control of the club during away galas and fixtures.

  6. A club member’s misbehaviour or misconduct found unacceptable to the coaching ,teaching or poolside staff will be subject to the following disciplinary procedures:-

  7. A letter of warning, detailing the actions taken and giving regard to their future behaviour, will be issued by the coaching staff. A copy of this letter will be forwarded to the club committee for review and file.

  8. If the behaviour of a club member is unacceptable on a second occasion the coaching staff will instigate proceedings for a period of suspension of that member, subject to an appeal, for a period decided by the Committee.

  9. Misbehaviour or misconduct during or following a period of suspension will result in club membership being withdrawn.

  10. When competing for the Club swimmers must wear the Club kit.

  11. Swimmers are to arrive on poolside at least 10 minutes before the session starts to carry out dry warm up/swing protocol and have hats and goggles on ready for when the swim session starts. Swimmers arriving late must have a valid reason.

  12. All swimmers should have their own pull buoy, fins, kickboard and hand paddles and bring them to each session. It is unacceptable for swimmers to throw these around

  13. A full drinks bottle must be brought for each swim session.

  14. Toilet breaks are not to be taken without the permission of the coach.

  15. Senior Members of the squad are role models for the younger swimmers and should lead by example

  16. The coach will tell you when it is ok to leave the water and if swimmers continuously ignore coaching points which are essential and the emphasis of a particular set the coach could well ask them to leave the pool for that session.

  17. If swimmers have injuries, aches ,pains or complaints the coach must be informed and he/she will deal with it accordingly. Coaches will not dispense medicines.

  18. Swimmers who suffer from Asthma must carry their inhalers and use according to your doctor’s instructions

Whilst Competing:-

  • When competing away swimmers must sit together as a team.

  • Speak to your coach before and after your race. (swim down after your race unless otherwise    instructed).

  • Always ensure that you take plenty of food and fluids during a competition.

  • Don over clothes and suitable footwear in between races.

  • Be prepared to swim in whatever race you have been selected for and give 100% effort 100% of the time.

  • Support your team at all times .

Updated July 2011 (Joan Squire Honorary Secretary)

Barnstaple Swimming Club Code of Conduct for Club Officials

All Club Officials must :-

  • Consider the well being and safety of participants before the development of performance in all activities.

  • Develop an appropriate working relationship with performers, based on mutual trust and respect.

  • Ensure that all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part.

  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport.( eg. fair play)

  • Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance

  • Not use abusive language or be physically abusive.

  • Follow all guidelines laid down by the ASA and the Club.

  • Hold the appropriate valid qualifications and insurance cover.

  • Never exert under influence over performers to obtain personal benefit or reward.

  • Never condone rule violations, rough play or the use of prohibitive substances.

  • Always comply with the ASA and Club Child protection Procedures.

  • Always comply with all ASA and Club Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

Updated June 2011

Joan Squire. ( Honorary Secretary).

Barnstaple Swimming Club Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers

  • Encourage your child to learn the rules and keep within them.

  • Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials.

  • Help your child to recognize good performance, not just results.

  • Set a good example by recognizing fair play and applauding the good performances of everyone.

  • Never punish or belittle a child for losing or making mistakes.

  • Publicly accept official’s judgements.

  • Support your child involvement and help him/her to enjoy the sport.

  • Do not swear or use abusive language.

  • Ensure that your child arrives on time for his/her session or event.

  • Comply with the ASA and the Club’s Child Protection Policy.

Updated June 2011

Joan Squire ( Honorary Secretary)

Barnstaple Swimming Club Code of Conduct for Volunteers

All Volunteers Representing the Club must :-

  1. Respect that the well-being, health and safety of members must be of  upmost importance.

  2. Comply with the Codes, Rules, Policies, Procedures and Laws within the guidelines set out by the ASA and the Club.

  3. Do not go on poolside unless requested to help.

  4. Observe and respect the decisions of all officials.

  5. Encourage all swimmers to obey the spirit of the rules and laws both in and out of the pool.

  6. Treat other competitors and teams with respect both in winning and losing.

  7. Treat all personal information regarding individual members as confidential except in exceptional circumstances regarding Health and Safety, Medical Requirements, Disciplinary action or in complying with the ASA and Club Child Protection Policy.

  8. Receive the necessary induction for volunteers.

Updated June  2011  Joan Squire ( Honorary Secretary )

Barnstaple Swimming Club ASAGB Doping Control Rules and Protocols

All ASA registered swimmers need to be aware of the ASA Doping Control Rules. The information below is a summary of the information that you need, but further details can be found on the British swimming Website:-

There is a protocol in place which defines very strict rules for carrying out doping tests at competitions and following the setting of national records.

It is important that you know of the variety of substances which are banned from use.

A Detailed list can be found on the ASA website.

The penalty for being found in breach of the rules are varied ranging from suspension to life ban, further the publicity associated with such breaches are at the least embarrassing. It is very important that all swimmers understand the well defined rules:-

  1. Compliance with the ASAGB doping rules is the responsibility of the individual swimmer not the Club.

  2. Do not take any of the prohibited substances, either by choice or by persuasion by anyone else unless prescribed for medical reasons.

  3. Do not get involved in any situation which leads to others taking prohibited substances.

  4. If you are a registered swimmer competing you must complete the medical declaration form.

  5. It is important to note that treatment for asthma such as salbutamal appear on the prohibited list so it is vital for swimmers to complete a medical declaration if suffering from asthma.

  6. Swimmers should also note that many nutritional supplements, herbal preparations and natural products might contain substances that are banned or contain substances that the body may convert into banned substances.  This can result in a positive doping test.

  7. Swimmers are deemed responsible for the consequences of any doping tests.

Medical forms are available from the Club Welfare Officer whose name can be found in your Club Membership Card

Swimmers must inform the Membership Secretary and the Club Welfare Officer in confidence if circumstances change regarding the need to take medication and the need to complete a medical declaration form will be determined.  The relevant coach/teacher needs to be informed of what to do in an emergency.

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